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How to Sort with BindingSource.Sort Property Case-Sensitive.

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I've been searching how to Sort Case-Sensitive with BindingSource.Sort Property.

By Default, BindingSource seems to Sort Case-Insensitive.

Someone knows how to resolve this issue?

Please Help Me.

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    • BindingSource.Sort Property is used to get or set the column names used for sorting, and the sort order for viewing the rows in the data source, not used to set Case-Sensitive.

      E.g create a BindingSource object.

      BindingSource source1 = new BindingSource();

      source1.DataSource = dataView1 or dataTable1 or dataSet1;

      Then you should set CaseSensitive property (True or False) of dataView1 or dataTable1 or dataSet1.

      E.g. dataView1.CaseSensitive=True; (False by default)

      Please check this thread.

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